9 things to consider before starting an ecommerce site

Starting your first ecommerce site is daunting. What if nobody buys from it? What if the user experience is rubbish? What if the payment system breaks? What if nobody understands it? What if building it is so mind-blowingly complicated I have breakdown? I went through all these emotions. They haunted me until I shut the […]

10 ways to use content more than once

Do you remember when Friends or The Simpsons would do a ‘clip show’? They’d make a whole episode out of the best bits of other episodes. That’s repurposing content. It’s nothing new, and it still works. Repurposing content works because of one unshakeable rule: If people like your content, then they won’t suddenly dislike it if […]

How to win at running Facebook competitions that stand out

It’s long been regarded as the one sure-fire shortcut you can bank on in social media – but today competitions are more competitive than ever. You can still count on running a competition for an engagement boost on Facebook, Instagram or whatever the platform – but like any other organic post it’s harder and harder […]

Six free Instagram apps that help small businesses compete

A billion people a month are actively using Instagram now as the platform’s extraordinary growth has continued to steamroller through 2018. It’s long past the point where businesses have realised what a huge opportunity for audience it is, with millions of brands embracing the photo-sharing phenomena. But that means it’s increasingly crowded and standing out […]

Practical Facebook Live tips for small business marketing

The introduction of Facebook Live has been a game changer for the businesses willing to embrace it – streaming video at the touch of a button to a potentially huge potential audience. It quickly earned a reputation for giving Pages big reach without the need for high-end production qualities. Cost-efficient, immediate and engaging – in […]

How small businesses can use Instagram Stories – an in-depth guide

Instagram Stories is a powerful tool small businesses can easily harness to produce authentic marketing that connects with their customers in an innovative way. They’re fun, creative, will build your brand, breed loyalty, create an affinity with your audience and ultimately attract more followers. And all you need to take part is a phone – making […]

8 content marketing quick wins that will boost your business

For the uninitiated, content marketing quick wins are not particularly easy to come by. It tends to be more about the long game, steadily nurturing an audience while breeding loyalty and brand recognition. That said, as every marketer knows, sometimes the pressure mounts from nowhere and you need a quick win. You may be launching […]

A content marketing strategy in three basic steps

Brands are creating content like never before. And like never before, a tremendous amount of it is going to waste – often because of a failure to follow a cohesive content marketing strategy. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of creating a wonderfully readable blog, an infinitely watchable video, a positively listenable podcast – and […]


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