Our Story.

Hi! We’re a team of digital marketers who specialise in creating great websites, writing excellent content, making engaging videos and managing your social media.

In short, we tell your story, digitally.

That might be on your website, in a video or via your email newsletter.

To do this, we combine excellent content with design and strategy to deliver you digital marketing that’s focused on results.

We don’t just do content or design – we bring expertise in both together.

We work with clients in both the public and private sector and have a track record of success – check out our work and testimonials!

We’re designers, writers, videographers and social media natives dedicated to creating content and superb websites that tell your story and attracts people to your brand.

How it started.

pbmedia was created by Paul Burton in 2018, with the mission of creating better digital marketing for businesses, in the belief that all organisations have the power to be publishers with platforms that produce great content & design that people want to consume.

Paul is a former journalist & newspaper editor, and highly experienced website designer & editor. In our ranks we have professional writers and social media managers alongside website experts.

We added in-house Video Production including Aerial Video as a core service thanks to the demand of our clients and the crucial role it plays in a dynamic content strategy.

The core values of the business then are true today – produce engaging, professional content on elegant platforms that people genuinely want to use, watch and interact with.

In short, we started by telling stories.

How it's going.

Today our team is made up of  copywriters, social media managers, videographers, website designers and content managers who serve clients in sectors such as e-commerce, leisure, property and culture.

Much of our team has a background in journalism and we have learned how to craft excellent content in highly creative and dynamic environments with distinct standards.

Our expertise lies in knowing how to optimise content and websites for search, and how to sell content on social. Those three principles – compelling content, strong SEO and engaging social media – have helped us build valuable audiences.

Many of our clients trust us with their websites, social media, email marketing and video in a complete service, from our office in Plymouth, UK.

We also provide a filming service for UK-based clients.

We have a lot of fun and are very friendly 🙂

What we stand for.

We are a creative workforce that celebrates the power of teamwork, collaboration and independent thinking. We strive to be diverse, inclusive and equitable. We believe in supporting one another. We celebrate the different qualities each person brings to our organisation.

We believe in the power of storytelling and understanding what a brand stands for so that we can tell your story. We don’t just churn out content.

We also want to help others learn to make great content, and publish our experiences and knowledge in the pbmedia blog.

Key people.

Paul Burton

Paul is a content marketer & website designer with 20 years’ experience of working in journalism, marketing, project management and digital transformation. He consults on all client campaigns and has a transferrable skillset across digital disciplines.

Andy Pyle

Andy is our content manager at pbmedia. After completing a journalism degree in 2005, Andy has enjoyed a successful career in print, digital and commercial editorial. His passion is creating engaging content, strong SEO and effective social media. He is also the typo’s natural enemy.

Victoria Winwood

Vicky is our social media lead and lives and breathes social. She has a passion for making her clients’ socials pop with creative and engaging posts. She comes up with social ideas in moments that would take the rest of the team all day.

Jon Bishop

Jon oversees all things video. From short social media pieces, through to hour-long brand documentaries, he is obsessed with telling our clients’ stories visually. He challenges what we’re capable of doing with video.

Claire Neville

Claire is our office manager and makes everything run like clockwork. She has many years of experience in sales, marketing and management, and provides HR support. She’s also a qualified mental health first aider #bekind

Libby Long

Libby supports all of our clients as a content creator, equally comfortable drafting the words that fire up your blog, case studies or emails as she is editing the Reel that will light up your Insta.

Joe Fisher

Joe is an expert Video Editor who supports Jon with filming as well. Joe is super skilled in motion graphics and gives our clients’ videos lots of added zing. He’s also fantastic at short video editing, supporting our Social Media clients with exceptional content.

Stanley Burton

Stan likes walks and photobombing. He leads on barketing.


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