Falcon Environmental Services

New Website, Branding, Photography and Video with focus on SEO

Falcon Environmental Services are a market leader in pest control, bird control, wildlife management and specialist cleaning services in the South West.

They needed a rebrand and new website that met these requirements:

  • Show off their environmental credentials, including the falconery and magnificent array of birds that are key to their natural bird control service.
  • Design and content that says more with less – Falcon a long list of services that needed to be digestible at a glance and easy for clients to navigate.
  • Elevate their brand to appeal to a more corporate audience of the larger brands that have begun to use their services as their business grows.
  • Maintained and ultimately improved their SEO as a key lead generator.
Services provided by Falcon Environmental Services, condensed into four easy to read sections

Services provided

  • Complete rebrand including logo design, colour palette, typography & brand guidelines that explored the brand’s DNA
  • New Website Design that showed off the four distinct areas of the business, reinforced their environmental credentials, promoted customer testimonials, showed off their expertise and provided clear user journey with logical calls to action.
  • Bespoke blog and fact file templates – both essential for SEO performance
  • Photography of team and animals that illustrated the services
  • Intro video to the business including interview to camera, shots of the team in action and drone videography

How we did it

We started with the rebrand, developing a cleaner, more professional look for the logo that met the client’s goals of appealing to larger brands.

The Falcon imagery we developed nestled neatly into the main logo and was adapted for the four sub-brands for each service, with each sub-brand taking on a different shade of green.

Our in-house Video and Photography team led on all imagery, storyboarding the intro video and capturing plenty of natural images that struck a balance between professionalism and a friendly, family-run business.

The look and feel of the new Website maximised the new branding, colours and imagery with a sharp and professional approach – including a short looping video in the header area of the homepage for a creative eye-catching impact.

The structure of the Website was redesigned around the four main sections. One of the main drawbacks of the previous website was an endless list of services that had no hierarchy – we designed a homepage that users could easily identify the service they needed at a glance with sub-service pages beneath.

This new structure needed to be handled carefully so not to impact on the company’s existing impressive Google ranking. The new structure hasn’t maintained the ranking while provided faster loading times and a better user experience to give a better platform for future SEO growth.

The company’s Google Reviews were embedded throughout the site along with expanded testimonials so that social proof of the company’s work was evident throughout the user journey.

Finally, strong call to action buttons were planned throughout the site with an easy to use contact form. The contact form responses are automated to a Google Sheet for easy monitoring and tracking.

Finally, new blog and fact file templates were designed with all blogs transferred to the new website – key for longtail searches in Google. Integration with Mailchimp was added as a launchpad for a new email marketing strategy.

The Results

The Falcon team has reported a 30% lift in enquiries since the website went live in the first month – and a 51% increase in the second month.

The company has taken advantage of our fully optimised hosting service for fast loading speeds, with a future content strategy, video, SEO growth and email marketing planned.

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