Spring cleaning checklist for Websites, Social Media and Email Marketing

Every brand’s marketing content deserves a regular spring clean – your Website, Social Media and Email Marketing can quickly go stale without you noticing.

Keep scrolling for our full spring clean checklist – these are all things we consider crucial when reviewing your content output, particularly your website.

Scheduling in time to take a step back means you’ll consider all the things the prospective customer sees first.

They’re often the things you’ve stopped noticing because you’re far too focused on the detail. Call it white noise syndrome.

But they are the most important parts of your website, socials and emails.

You might not have time for a full-blown content audit of these channels, but here’s a checklist of things to prioritise.

Your website’s homepage

  • Does the top of the website (above the fold) make it easy to understand what you do and who for?
  • Is your message still relevant, or have you evolved since you last looked at the website?
  • Do you have a clear call to action? Are people clicking it?
  • Does the main image still do the business or have you got a better one?
  • What reviews and testimonials have you gathered lately that could be displayed near the top to build social proof?
  • Are there any awards or accreditations that need adding to build trust?
  • Have you created any videos lately that would work on your website’s homepage?
  • (if you have done none of these things since you last checked your website, then you’ve got a handy marketing to-do list!)

Social media

  • Are your profiles all up to date? Check your Linktree!
  • Do your profiles reflect what you do clearly and concisely? Do they make people want to buy from you? Especially check your LinkedIn for this and update the Featured section.
  • Take a look at the last month’s posts – are they engaging? What types of posts worked? Should you be changing what kinds of posts you’re doing?
  • Who’s been liking and commenting? Should you reach out to these people with an offer or make them feel valued in another way?


  • What emails worked and what didn’t? What have you got into the habit of doing that just doesn’t work any more?
  • Clean up your segments and organise your list better so you can write more personalised, targeted emails (this is a game-changer).
  • Check your welcome sequence and nurture campaigns. Are they still relevant? Are people reading? Do they have outdated info?
  • Freshen up your templates – what images have you got that would help and what can you do that’s simple and easy that would make your emails more attractive?

Don’t stop at spring – schedule a review once a quarter and it’ll feel like less of a task each time, plus you’ll undoubtedly be getting better, more consistent results.

Are you going to have a spring clean of your marketing? What’s the biggest thing you could change that will make the most difference?

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